Want to solve some of your life problems and start a better and happier life? It's time to book an appointment with us and start a new life journey.

Do you have a life problem and need some help?

Do you feel like you need advice to improve your life? Need an idea for how to break down all the problems that have come your way and how to move on to new life victories? Book an appointment today and open the door to happiness and satisfaction.

How can we help ?

Resolve your love problems

Having trouble in love and things in the love plan in no way go hand in hand? Solve your love problems with our help

Create a vision of your own life

Not sure what is the right path to happiness and contentment in life? Create the right vision of your life with our help

Build a successful career

Many in today's era running for success in his career, but only a few succeed in doing so. Find the root culprit for career problems.

Bilid you emotional resilliance

Do you have emotional issues that are increasingly coming to the surface and struggling to cope with them? It's time to tackle them and empower yourself emotionally.

Resolve your sadness

You've been extremely sad these last weeks and not sure how to handle it? Book an appointment and resolve your sadness issues.

Overcome insomnia

Insomnia can be intermittent or frequent, and the causes can be numerous. Together, we can discover them and allow you to finally get a good night's sleep.

Create a solid partnership

Loneliness is one of the leading problems of today, which unfortunately affects other spheres of life. Build strong partnerships.

Release your anxiety

Are you pressured by anxiety and worry? Sometimes it seems to us that care and anxiety prevent us from having some unintended outcomes. Release the load and walk freely.

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"At the Create Your Life Center, I feel calm, comfortable and, above all, positive. And it is as if everything in life is becoming possible."
Tajana, Zagreb
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Ivana is the right person to start your ThetaHealing journey.
Sanja, Zagreb

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