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All of us sooner or later come to a point in our lives when we realize that we can and deserve more, better and finer, in an easier way. But the problem is, though aware of these facts, we do not know how to make this step towards a better life. That is where our story begins...

Since the first contact with ThetaHealing, I have come to see how much it can help in resolving life problems and challenges and bring more clarity to the life vision. Step by step, my interest in the ThetaHealing® courses began arousing, so I soon started training in this area. Nowadays, I have many practical and teaching education courses behind me, and I’m glad to share my knowledge with other people. Read more about me below.

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Ivana Skoko


I gladly transfer my knowledge of Thetahealing technique to my clients and help them achieve a better and happier life.

I was born in Vukovar, and since 1991 I live in Zagreb. I graduated from Medical Biochemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry. Furthermore, after working in the lab and having 12 years’ experience in sales and vigilance of medical equipment I decided to devote myself to the teaching of the ThetaHealing® techniques.

Since the very first contact, I was thrilled with the efficiency of ThetaHealing® techniques, and I went through various education courses. 2015. By 2015 I finished my first of many practical courses.
My teaching path started in 2017 and at the end of the same year, after obtaining education in Spain, Switzerland, the USA and Russia, I obtained the ThetaHealing® Master title.

In August 2018, after intensive education at the Think Institute in the United States, I obtained the ThetaHealing® Certificate of Science title, which is currently the highest ranking in this technique.
As a part of my own Create Your Life center, at Horvaćanska 31 in Zagreb, I organize the ThetaHealing® workshops, exercises, courses and individual consultations.
I particularly look forward to witnessing positive changes in the people I work with.

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Find out more about Thetahealing Technique

ThetaHealing® technique is a technique of meditation which improves mind, body and spirit. Allows you to remove restrictive beliefs and create a positive lifestyle.

ThetaHealing® meditation technique was created by Vianna Stibal in 1995 during her personal journey towards healing; which is explained in her first book.

ThetaHealing® technique is always used together with conventional medicine.

To learn more about ThetaHealing® technique, visit www.ThetaHealing.com

Legal Disclaimer | ThetaHealing® and ThetaHealer® are registered trademarks of THInK at www.thetahealing.com


Create your life center for a happier and more fulfilled life

‘’Create and live the life that makes you happy. ‘’
‘’ The best way to foretell the future is to create it.’’

The Center organizes ThetaHealing® workshops, courses and individual treatments. In designing the center’s program, we have come up with the idea that we can offer everyone interested in this powerful and efficient technique the right content and activity, whether the person meets with the ThetaHealing® meditative technique for the first time; or is an experienced perennial practitioner.

We have as many as 18 official ThetaHealing® courses that we are authorized to teach and for which we are giving the official diploma of the THINK Institute in the United States. Monthly we organize workshops where practitioners have the opportunity to optimize their skills.
On Tuesdays, we organize an anti-stress program titled Antistress Tuesday where during the breathing exercises and guided ThetaHealing® meditation; you’re able to relax and forget about the everyday stress; thus achieving a more balanced life.

We have decorated the space with the intent to make our users feel comfortable and welcome, above all. The Create Your Life Center is located on the ground floor of a business housing complex at Horvaćanska 31 in Zagreb.

Join us and expand your own limits.

Create Your Life Center – The laboratory of Smiles, Transformation and Creation.

We are looking forward to your arrival

If you’re visiting us for the first time, the easiest way to find us, is to enter the complex using the Selska 215 entrance, then turn left and you will immediately see the green Create Your Life billboard (we’re located near the pharmacy, the copy shop and the mobile phone service center).

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