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Horvaćanska 31, Zagreb

Centar Create Your Life

Horvaćanska cesta 31,
10 000 Zagreb

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How to get there by public transport?
Trams 5,17,4 and 14 stop near the center, as well as bus 109 (Dugave-Črnomerec).
Is there a charge for parking near the center?
Parking is free of charge, you are free to park.
The complex has many business premises at the same address, how to find you the fastest?
Enter the complex from Selska 215, when you enter the covered part of the complex, turn left. On the left you will see the copy shop, we are located immediately below. Above the entrance is an advertisement labeled Create Your Life, ThetaHealing Courses.
Do we need to bring anything with us to meditations and courses?
You don’t have to bring anything with you for meditations. Bring your pen and notebook for workshops and courses.